The Summer Edit: 10 Summer Essentials


Hola everyone!! With the prospect of this spring reduced to a mere concept, a season that happens this time of year, but it was nowhere to be seen …an urban legend, I’m more than  longing for some sun and in dire need of a beach !! I might not be entirely bikini ready,  having some extra layers of “flesh”, “rondeurs” (like they call it in French lol) that I haven’t succeded in getting rid of, but that won’t stop me -and shouldn’t stop anybody- to enjoy summer at its fullest 😉

So, on this –yet another– rainy day of spring, I was browsing snaps from last year’s summer holidays, and got me thinking about those summer must-haves we shouldn’t forget on our holidays…Here’re my 10 summer essentials:

1) Get a couple of monochromatic bikinis, so you can mix & match them to have a new look everyday. Victoria Secret, H&M and Forever 21 are great options for this.


Summer Edit: Bikinis
AuraMbeauty Summer Edit in Polypore

2) Sunblock. Sunblock. Sunblock, and a good bronzing oil for the legs (body, not face)


4) If -like me- you have curly hair, take with you a cream with sun protection that adds shape to your curls and controls frizz. If you have straight hair, benefit from the seawater as a natural texturizer to add some waves to your hair, and later in the evening use a beach-curling spray to extend the look.

5) Lipstick: Bring a nice bright summery shade

IMG_50686) Moisturiser. Moisturise your skin with a good cream after showering in the evening, a must for your dehydrated skin after the sun, and if you fancy pick a nice scented one, that you can continue using after the holidays, bringing you all the good memories back 😉

This snap is from last summer, but that Yves Rocher cream has been my summer staple for years!!

7) Bring a water spray with you to refresh, and to remove the seawater from your face after a swim at the beach.  Extremely handy if you have kids, to keep their faces free from too much sand (if that’s at all possible!!), or to refresh them when it the sand starts itching or stinging their eyes.


8) Pack fresh and soft fabric dresses, that make you look great and chic without too much effort, ultimately you are there to relax, and enjoy, while looking great of course, but with minimum effort!! As for shoes: one pair of black or neutral sandals that goes with everything and flip-flops for the beach.

9) Pack “Ziplock-style” plastic bags to divide your bronzers, wet clothes, and change clothes for your kids and/or yourself, thus keeping your beach bag neat and as sand free as possible.


10) And ultimately, take all of your worries out of your system, enjoy your favourite cocktail, try to meditate to the sound of the beach, enjoy the sound of the kids laughing, the music provided by “los chiringuitos” (little bars along the beach) …whatever it is that brings peace and calm to your spirit, have fun and relax, that’s what holidays are for !! 🙂

What about you, are you ready for the summer? xx


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