Wake-up Makeup for Amateurs

thumbnail amateur

Whenever I look around among my friends and acquaintances, and even from my time working at MAC, I notice that despite the loads of makeup tutorials out there, and the noticeable interest women have for makeup these days, not all women are skillful at applying it or are willing to spend the minimum time to do it. This is also subject to the beauty standards in each city or country, but it’s a reality that not all women take the time to apply makeup and groom themselves even to a fair minimum.

Sometimes, all you need to enliven your skin in no time is to add some color to your cheeks and lips, which is key to bring the skin to life.

To this end, I’m sharing my super quick version of a makeup tutorial for amateurs, with no major makeup technique involved for women on the run. Disclaimer: I had slept only few hours when I did this video, so signs of tiredness are clearly visible, and even though I – deliberately- didn’t go for a full coverage, I think the end result proves the importance of makeup and our image, providing a refreshed look thanks to rosy cheeks and bright red lips…hope you like it!


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