IMG_1965When I saw that MUFE (MAKE UP FOREVER) had launched their own cream sculpting/contouring palette, I wasn’t just intrigued, I knew I HAD to try it. So, I got the palette together with their new ULTRA HD Stick foundation (among others) to see how the two performed.

The Palette comes in 4 different shades, with 4 different colors inside respectively to: Highlight/Conceal, Contour, Shimmer and Color the face.

  • 20 Light
  • 30 Medium
  • 40 Tan
  • 50 Dark
Pro Sculpting Palette in 30


Contouring is not an easy makeup technique, and certainly one that requires more than the amount of time most people dedicate to do it, which -more often than not- translates in a sloppy application. I, personally, find that contouring with creamy formulas take a lot of time and precision to blend really well to avoid getting a streaky face, but the end result with creams is dewier and more natural than with powders, as the cream sort of fusions with the skin. You can ease the application of this palette with a beauty blender.


  • In one palette you have all the shades you need to contour, highlight and add color with the blush shade, which is a peachy fresh color.
  • The matte highlight shade can also be used as a concealer, which is a plus.
  • It comes in different colors, so there’s choice for different ethnicities.
  • It comes with a little leaflet that shows how to contour according to your face shape.


  • Price, at 45$ and 48€ it’s not cheap, considering you only get 2.5g from each shade.
  • I got number 30, which is the medium colored palette, and the contour shade runs a bit orange on me.
  • It’s a bit difficult to get the product from the palette with a brush, as each square is too small and close together.

Verdict: If you are new to the contour world, and/or makeup I’d suggest to go for something cheaper, until you get the hang of the technique. Other than that it’s a nice palette to have as it’s an all in one deal, but I’m not overly impressed by it.

Now, the ULTRA HD Foundation Stick is a different kind of monster…I’m absolutely in love with it! I got it in two colors, one that matches my skin perfectly (127) and a lighter shade (117) to contour and highlight at the same time.

ULTRA HD foundation in 117 & 127


  • Great coverage with a dewy finish.
  • Comes in a wide range of colors.
  • Application is fool-proof as it blends almost instantly with your skin, I find that applies like a dream with the help of a beauty blender.

    ULTRA HD foundation in 117 & 127


  • At 40€ can be expensive if you use it daily, as it only contains 12,5g.
  • Would not recommend it to oily skin types, as it’s very emollient and it will have you shining in no time.IMG_6886

Verdict: Love this foundation, great for an easy application and a good moderate to full coverage, without a mask effect, highly recommend it.




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