Trending Full Coverage Foundations

scorequirkyfindsThe featured full-coverage foundations have been the talk of the town Instagram, for quite some time now, so I needed to check if the hype was legitimate.  I used each one of them for at least 4 days in a row, so I could report back to you with a solid opinion. For reference I’m a MAC NC25-NC30, normal-combination skin.

1 ) Kay Von D Lock-It Foundation:


  • This one is a perfect match for my skin in Medium 52, and this is basically what I love the most about this one. It’s so difficult to find the perfect shade in a foundation, most of the time I need to buy different colors and mix them to get the right shade, but this one is just spot on.
  • It does provide full coverage and it gives an almost instant matte finish.
  • It didn’t separate or budge on my skin, and the result was always the same whenever I used it regardless of the primer.

    Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation


  • On my combination skin, it gives such a matte finish that it ends up looking ever so slightly flat, which is a look I’m not so fond of.

Bottom line: I would recommend this one to oily skinned gals looking for high coverage and long lasting matte finish. Combination skins can also benefit from its coverage, providing a good moisturizer gets applied well before its application.

2) Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate


  • Its package (this one is a pro and a con) looks gorgeous on the outside, but it’s messy once you open it and start using it up.
  • Coverage is extremely high with this one, it’s true what they say about just needing a drop, that’s actually all you need to cover almost everything.

    Re (marc) able Foundation


  • The applicator, although handy, it makes a mess of the bottle.
  • Too dry for my combination skin, I tried a thicker moisturizer, plus different primers, but still it didn’t look good on me at all. It made my pores look huge, it separated it from my skin, it looked like mask right upon application…I will wait to use more of it during the summer, hotter days before officially writing it off my book.

Bottom line: This one is high-octane coverage, verging on mask-looking, suited mainly to oily skins and people wanting to hide it all.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

*Not really a novelty on the list, but it deserves to be mentioned…



  • Love the elegant glass bottle, I know some might object to this, but it’s a true classic.
  • Color range is a bit limited here in Europe, but the line has a broader one in the US, so there’s a shade for every ethnicity. I found my shade in 2W2 Rattan.
  • Coverage is high, but on me personally, it blends with my skin beautifully throughout the day, giving a sort of glowy creamy effect, which I absolutely adore.
  • A bottle will last a long, long time, even with daily use.


  • It might be a bit drying during the winter months, even with good primed skin, so for combinations skins I would recommend primarily for the summer time.

Bottom line: It’s not by chance that this one holds a top spot after so many years on the market, with such fierce competition and revolutionary formulas out there. I was reluctant to try it all these years, and I sort of regret it…do give it a try.

Too Faced Born this way


  • The coverage is just perfect for me. It covers very well, delivering a perfect canvas without looking like a mask.
  • It dries to a matte velvety finish, that lasts for at least 6 hours without retouching.
  • Got my match in the shade Light Beige, not as spot on as the Kat Von D, but it blended so nicely you couldn’t really tell.



  • Not sure they have a color range that suits everyone out there, although they claim they do.

Bottom line: This one was my favorite for an everyday use, love the finish, the color, the bottle…it certainly lives up to the hype.

Have you tried any of these? What’s your current foundation?

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4 thoughts on “Trending Full Coverage Foundations

    1. Hi Amy! I’m 22 in Marc Jacobs, when compared to Estee’s 2W2 Rattan, I’d say the former is more yellow based, and it shows better or closer to my skin tone, whereas Marc’s shade comes a bit ashy on me, I should have tried another tone probably, but there was nothing else available in that Sephora to match my skin. Let me know what do you think if tou find the right match! 😘


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