Favorite Scrubs: Drugstore Edition

Favorite-2I’m glad that you have enjoyed my high-end favorite exfoliators reviews Part 1  and Part 2, now I’m going to share with you my equally performing ones from the high-street/ drugstore market.

Hall of fame: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub

This one has been a faithful companion since I first tried it about 10 years ago. Boy what a gem…and it’s a drugstore product! Meaning your wallet won’t suffer much.

I use this mainly, but not limited, in the spring-summer time, when my skin starts reacting to everything and anything that is in the air during spring and the heat of summer. This scrub gets rid of blemishes and/or pimples in no time, leaving my skin super clean, refreshed and not the slightest bit dry. “Its breakthrough MicroClear technology is clinically proven to boost the delivery of acne medicine, unclogging congested pores and speeding treatment deep and fast to the source where breakouts begin.”

Skincare Tips – Exfoliation

Galenic Exfoliating Clarifying Mask 2 in 1


Galenic is a French pharmaceutical laboratory that uses primarily natural active ingredients in their formulations and skincare products. I’m happy to have received a sample of this mask/scrub, as otherwise I would have never bought it…in the sense that I didn’t know much about Galenic and there are so many laboratories with the same offering, that most probably I would have gone with a more “well-known” or popular brand.

But, as fate had it, I got a sample of their 2 in 1 mask and I was instantly sold. I remember it was in the middle of summer and my skin was all congested, I applied it left it for 10 minutes, and then added some water massaging in circular motions to gently remove it, the result? Not only my skin was smoother and cleaned, but it was also soothed. I also use it once a week during the winter months.


Pure Cauterets water, 100% natural: purifies, regulates the excessive production of sebum, matifies, soothes

Witch hazel water: astringent, soothing

Clay (kaolin and hectorite): lliabsorbent

Polyethylene microbeads: mechanical exfoliants

I paid about 14€ for it, great price for a top exfoliator, which also works as a clay mask.

Garnier Pure Active Intensive Scrub

If you suffer from blackheads and/or have tendency to oily skin, this is for you! It’s a mix of salicylic acid and anti-bacterial ingredients, also combined with HerbaSoothe, an ingredient derived from Blueberry, which is meant to soothe the skin. It’s creamy formula feels cold upon application given the presence of menthol in it, but it’s not uncomfortable at all.


It has worked wonders on my nose, leaving it super smooth and blackhead free. I apply it leave it for 5 minutes and then remove it with warm water. This scrub retails for about 6€ here in Belgium.

I have tried many others along the way, such as Avene, Yves Rocher, La Roche Posay, St Ives, but none of those made it for me, some were either too harsh or too mild.

I would love to hear about your favorite drugstore scrubs! Let me know your thoughts or/and questions.

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