Top 5 Beauty (Makeup) Icons

Being so passionate about makeup, I’m constantly looking up to those makeup artists, who shape and create the beauty icons’ looks we are then, so eager to recreate on ourselves.

There are some celebrities that I’m constantly reaching out to for makeup inspiration, because I know how flawless and spot on their faces always look and how iconic their looks are. So today I’m going to share with you those women who -to me- are a reference and an inspiration whenever I’m doing my makeup, from natural to glamour, and everything in between 😉

I’ll confess up front that none of the Kardashians are on my list, despite loving and being in absolute awe of one of their makeup artists Mario Dedivanovic, who has been key in Kim Kardashian’s makeup carving the way to what I call the “contour generation“. Reason being, way before her, there was Jennifer Lopez, whose contouring was shown in the form of “strobing”, when the technique was first heard of, by the hands of Scott Barnes. JLo still carries makeup in such a classic and glamorous way, that she is the one cutting it to my list.

Makeup/Beauty Icons

Jennifer Lopez – Signature makeup: Strobing, Bronzing galore, Pastel colored eyes.

Gwen StefaniSignature makeup: Mix of 40s and 50s Old Hollywood Glamour, Red Bold lips, Thick Cat Eye look.

Olivia PalermoSignature makeup: Chic and modern, Peachy Cheeks, Mat Smokey eyes, Red nails – nail makeup 😉  She is my absolute favorite, makeup perfection!!!

Keira KnightleySignature makeup: Classy and chic, Flawless skin, Peachy lips, Brown eyeshadows.

Angelina JolieSignature makeup: Natural meets classy, Cat eyes, Nude lips, Sheer blush.

So, hope you get some inspiration from these looks, I’d suggest not to imitate, but more to adapt them to your face and personality.

I’d love to know who are your beauty icons?

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