My Top Skincare Tips

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Skincare Tips

We know that a healthy lifestyle including good eating habits together with regular exercise, are key ingredients to age graciously. If we add a proper skincare regime targeted to our face needs, then we are set to the stars with skin that glows and is more resilient to the passing of time.

While working at MAC, I had the pleasure to interact with many women who shared their concerns and doubts about skincare, and I must admit that I was surprised that despite the loads of information flooding everywhere about the subject matter, most of them were clueless about the main habits that we should all follow –daily- to keep our skin in top form.

So, regardless of your age here are my main tips to have healthy skin:

  • Clean your face in the a.m and p.m. I still hear my friends telling me they don’t always remove their makeup at night, or that they don’t wash their faces because “they didn’t wear makeup on that day“. This is one of the greatest no-no’s in your new skincare routine! If you have dry skin, opt for a milky lotion in the morning or a cotton pad with a little cleansing water.


  • Exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate!! Remember that there are two types of exfoliation the chemical and the mechanical/physical one. I -personally- combine both, the chemical being the most effective of the two. If you want to have more info about the different types of exfoliation click here


  • Use a clay mask. Again if you have dry skin, you can skip this one during winter, and apply it once a week during summer.
  • Use a serum. They are different than creams, they are charged with more active ingredients maximising the effect of creams.
  • Use a hydrating/moisturising cream. You can use the same one for day and night, unless it has sun protection, in which case it might clog your pores if you use it in the evening. Same principle, adapt it to your skin type…most oily skin types don’t need a night cream.
  • Sun protection. This one is a MUST even during winter months! This has proven to be the most difficult product for me to match to my skin. They all seem to be either too thick, clogging my pores, or too white, too greasy, you name it…I’ve tried almost all brands under the sun, and so far just the Supergoop has worked for me.
Sunscreen – Skincare Tips
  • Eye cream. Use it day and night; in the a.m. underneath your makeup, to hydrate that delicate area and prevent dryness throughout the day. I wouldn’t recommend using the same cream as for the rest of the face, mainly because they tend to be richer in texture and might be too much for the thin and delicate skin under the eyes.

I have also used toners and water sprays along the way, but I don’t consider them everyday basics.

What are your thoughts? Do you take care of your skin daily? I’d love to hear about your favorite face products!

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