690x602_1_108386540571413385202d627775cfe8@686x599_0xd42ee42a_11788472461453281901As I had mentioned in my previous Chanel post, Peter Philips is now Dior’s new Makeup Creative Director, and of course his genius is starting to boost Dior’s already wonderful products targeting what most women are after these days: Sculpting and Contouring.

In this new collection, he is elevating one of my holy grails the Diorskin Forever by adding not only new ingredients to the formula, but also by pairing it with a new foundation base/primer and mattifying loose powder.

Here is the new Dior trifecta:


diorskinforever_slideshow_1r_1The Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear is a makeup base that will help the foundation last longer and promises to even out the skin and refine pores.

The Diorskin Forever foundation has added a few new ingredients, according to Dior’s website: “the complexion is instantly mattified thanks to its formula enriched with the Activ-Mat™ complex. Everlasting wear 16H** thanks to a combination of Wear-Lock™ polymers.
Day after day, skin appears more beautiful thanks to the skincare essence boosted by Poreless Effect** technology.


The Extreme Perfection & Matte Finish Loose Powder will set the foundation and “skin is instantly smoothed and mattified with Activ-Mat™ mattifying powders that absorb excess sebum and help neutralise shine, teamed with soft-focus powders that offer weightless smoothing and correction for a velvety matte finish.”

Part of the new range is the Diorblush Sculpt that will target the much sought-after these days: Sculpting and Contouring.



The first two (first row) will serve to sculpt the face, while the other two (last row) will be used to contour and shape.

Here you will find some of the new “how to” videos shown in Dior’s website, where baking is also explained How to videos

Being such a fan of the Forever foundation for years, and also of Dior blushes, I can hardly wait to try these new and improved additions!

What do you think ?

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