MAKE UP FOREVER – My Top picks

IMG_8560Hola!! As mentioned in my previous post , I will be reviewing what I consider the best products from some of the main makeup brands in the market.

This time, I’ll be writing about MAKE UP FOREVER. This is a brand I hold dear as it was there that I did my professional makeup course. Most of you are widely familiar with the brand -I am sure- but for those new to it, it’s a PRO makeup line, created by French makeup artist: Dany Sanz in 1984 in Paris. In 1999 it joined the prestigious French group LVMH and it has since gained mainstream popularity.

Without further ado here are my main picks:

1) Face and Body Foundation: As it names suggests, it’s a foundation that works for both the face and the body. It’s sheer to moderate coverage, and you can certainly build up due to its runny consistency. It dries quite quickly once applied, so you need to blend fast, that might be a downside for some, but it is one of the characteristics that makes it so good for body usage. You won’t get any sticky feeling if you use it on your legs or shoulders. Once it dries, it really stays put for good 8 hours or more, it doesn’t transfer or separates on the skin.IMG_8606

Colour matching can be somehow difficult at first, but they have a huge range of shades, so you should be able to get the right one. I have it in two colours: 18 & 32, and I match them to get the perfect shade.

2) Ultra HD foundation (Fluid and Stick): The fluid Ultra HD is MUFE’s replacement to their cult foundation HD Foundation, and the Ultra HD Stick is a new take on their “pan-stick” foundation, although they are neither replacing the former, nor the finishes are equal. I, personally, find that the Ultra HD fluid runs lot sheerer than its predecessor and the same goes with the stick form, however, this is not a bad thing. The finish is a mix of dewy/glowy look without being greasy or shiny, it evens out the skin beautifully, it feels very light, like you don’t have anything on and you don’t look like you are actually wearing makeup, yet it covers nicely in a transparent way, if that makes any sense 🙂IMG_8607

The finish with the stick is almost the same, although you do get a bit more coverage and for those who are into contouring its stick form allows to better control the drawing of those shapes.

If heavy coverage is what you are looking for, then these shouldn’t be your target, but if you want to even out with some glow, without feeling like you are wearing a mask, then this might be a good choice for you.

3) Highlighter Brush 152: MUFE recently revamped their whole brush range and they are now using synthetic ones. For some the word “synthetic” is a big no-no, but I find that depending on the quality they can be very very good. So, I got three brushes: the kabuki 110, the wavy 212 and this one. The 152 is supposed to be a highlighter brush, but to me is just an awesome all-rounder brush, that can work for powder application, blush, contour, and of course highlighter…it’s soooooooo soft. Go check it out for yourselves.IMG_8557

4) Pro-Bronze Fusion: I got this in M20, the “M” stands for Mat…if you go to the MUFE counter trying to get a swatch of this with your fingers, you will be utterly disappointed. It’s like a compact gel of sorts and the only way you can any colour out of it is with a kabuki brush. This one goes undetected as powder, you won’t get any visible streaks, harsh lines whatsoever, it just gives you a lovely luminous finish, blends to perfection with the skin and it’s waterproof. I was hesitating at first, until I tried it on…I was then sold immediately.


5) HD High Definition Loose Powder: This has been around for a long time now, I don’t think it need much of an introduction. This is great setting powder, gives you an airbrushed effect, just beware of the quantity you apply if you are going to have your picture taken, as it shows against the flash.


So these are my main picks for MUFE, their eyeshadows and primers are also worth checking, same for their HD cream blushes. A special mention goes to their Full Cover concealer, but I will talk about it in an upcoming post dedicated only to concealers.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this, what are your MUFE’s favourite products?

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