Chanel’s Top 5 Must-haves

IMG_8602It took me some time to admit it, but I can know unashamedly say that I have a makeup addiction/obsession. I could spend hours on end browsing through makeup displays, checking new collections and swatches, textures, you name it. But I have also come to realise that although I am not alone in my addiction, not all women are drawn by this, actually I’m the only one from my group of friends to obsess over makeup.

So, I constantly take a look at women’s makeup bag while they are retouching their makeup to see what products I spot, and most often than not, you see them with products that do not match their skin type or colouring, or that are very expensive and they bought in the spur of a makeover moment, but they don’t know how to get the best use of it.

It’s under this observation that I want to create a series of posts offering you the “top” or “must-haves” products, so next time you are at the makeup counter, you end up spending your money wisely and know which products are a great splurge and which ones you can get from half a price from another brand, without compromising quality.

To kick-off these series, I’ll start with CHANEL.

CHANEL is such an iconic and luxurious brand, it’s name is the pure definition of modern yet classic and chic women. Their makeup line went through a major revamping in 2008 when Peter Philips (now Dior’s makeup creative director) took the helm of the range. We have now have to wait and see what its new creative director, Lucia Pica, will have in store for us next spring 2016.

In the meantime, if you want to get your hands in Chanel’s main must-haves, here are my picks:

1) Loose / Pressed powder: These are both fantastic, have been using them for years. The loose one will set and give you an ethereal finish. The pressed one is great for touch-ups and carry around with you due to its portability, no to mention that it comes in Chanel’s quintessential classic black squared package.



2) Lipstick in Parfait: Timeless and all-seasons color.


3) Vitalumiere Aqua: Sheer to moderate coverage foundation, foolproof application, lovely smell, a cult classic.



4) Le stylo waterproof: I use the shade “Espresso”, no other brown compares to this one. Perfection.


5) Soleil Tan de Chanel: A light cream-gel bronzer that will allow you to achieve a beautiful sun-kissed look or contour your cheeks.


I’m curious, what are your favourite Chanel products?

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