Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage

IMG_3711I love all things Tom Ford, starting by him, his style, suits, designs, fragrances, so when he launched his makeup line I was literally drooling all over it…But, there were two things stopping my love to consume in flames: availability and most importantly: price.

It was not a surprise that it was not available here in Belgium, as it is often the case with most brands, but price was really the main obstacle. Paying 48 -50 € for a lipstick seemed -and still does- a bit outrageous even to me who love makeup with a passion.

I needed then, to find the one Tom Ford beauty product that I was –decidedly- going to splurge in. So, when faced for the first time in front of his makeup line in Hong Kong, I knew I had to go for this super soft, buttery, beautifully pigmented, classy and timeless eye shadow quartet named Cocoa Mirage.

These 4 eye shadows is all you need for a sublime classic makeup eye look, that can easily go from natural to a more dramatic one, just by intensifying the colors or interchanging them. Their texture is very silky, blending seamlessly on the lid, even if you are a makeup amateur there is little chance you get to wear these wrong.


♥ Finish: Sheer, Satin, Shimmer and Matte.

♥ Colors: 1 yellowed beige (matte), 1 medium brown with warm undertones (matte) 1 medium-dark, coppery-brown with fine gold shimmer, and 1dark chocolate brown with warm, red undertones (matte)

♥ Wear: Long lasting without primer

♥ Price: 80$, 72 €, 64£

♥ Package: Elegant and classy, just like Tom of course

Verdict: This is a pricey item, so if you love makeup and feel like treating yourself to the most buttery, silky and wearable eye shadows go for it. If you are not much into makeup, but still want to buy just one little timeless, go-with-everything eye shadow palette, by all means go for this one. If money is an issue, then don’t sweat it, I will come up with more wallet friendly options.IMG_9232

Note: For those living in Belgium or transiting at the airport here, some of the TF products can now be found at the Brussels airport tax free.


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