Dior Forever Skin Foundation SPF 25

IMG_6832The quest to find the best foundation of them all, the holy grail, will there ever be any? I’ve been trying and testing for years, making it my mission to uncover the best foundation there is, going through a wide range from luxury to drugstore. Some of them have been a waste of money, others have been just meah, and every once in a while you come across foundations that are true classics and that you wish they never get discontinued…such is the case of Dior’s Forever Skin Foundation SPF 25.

Dior has been reformulating their foundations a lot in the past years, revamping their once outdated or too traditional line. Now their formulas cater for most of the market’s needs while keeping their luxury feel. I have been using the Forever Skin foundation for more than 4 years now, so when I tell you this one is awesome I’m not just saying it as an impulsive crush of a week’s trial.

IMG_6864Coverage: Medium

Finish: Semi-matte

Wear: Long-wear

SPF: 25 (always a plus, but don’t rely on it as full sun protection)

Color range: Caters for pink, yellow and the more neutral tones

Color tip: all shades start with a 0: 10-20 is for fair skin, 30-40 medium and 50-60 darker. The next 2 numbers are the important ones, the 3rd being the undertone.

0 is neutral, 2 rose and 3 warm. So if you have pink undertone you would be 012, 022, 032.

For reference I am a MAC NC25-NC30 and I wear the Forever Skin in 023, which has a peach undertone. It translates a bit darker than my skin tone, but nothing offensive; next time I will go for Sand 031, which is a “medium golden beige/ for medium light complexions with yellow undertones.”

Wear:  I apply it before going to work at 7:30 AM, and it lasts un-retouched for about 6 hours, I only powder a bit with the Forever Powder foundation before leaving work at around 5:00 PM. Touch-ups throughout the day always depend on how immaculate you like your face to be, on how much oil your skin produces or if you sweat during the day or not.

My skin does not feel or look like I’m wearing a thick mask, it blends beautifully and despite covering a lot it manages to look natural without emphasizing fine lines and wrinkles.

 Verdict: If you want to treat yourself to a luxury foundation, that provides medium to full coverage, that feels and blends great in your skin, with the added bonus of a good SPF protection, look no further.



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